Nintendo Switch has certainly done well for itself since launching in March 2017.

The console many wrote off has quickly become the champion for high-quality offerings. You’d be hard pressed to not have a great time playing on Nintendo’s handheld console.

Yet that hasn’t stopped some developers from shoveling garbage into the pile. For every Mario Odyssey there’s a Vroom in the Night Sky and for every Mario Kart, there’s a Hello Kitty Kart Racing waiting in the wings.

Friends don’t let friends buy bad games for their Nintendo Switch, that’s just the gamer code. So I’ve made it my duty to call out the 10 worst experiences on Nintendo’s successful console.

What Nintendo Switch games do you think are the worst on the console?


10. Othello

Nintendo handheld consoles have had some great mini-game collections over the years – offering up a heap of content and quality along the way.

Sadly, some developers don’t get the quality part of this right, shoveling out absolute tripe in the hopes of catching unaware parents in the process with big numbers on the box. FIFTY games for only $20, how can anyone lose?

Perhaps the giveaway to how much of a cash grab Othello is comes from its own history. See, Nintendo Switch isn’t the only place you can pick this bad boy up – you can also grab it out on the iOS and Google Play Stores. That’s right, Othello looks like hot garbage because it was designed to run on 5-year-old mobile phones.

The end result is a compilation of ugly looking board games that contain about as much excitement as a tin of drying Durex. Littered with bugs and a heap of games that barely qualify as games, the compilation quickly runs out of steam when you realize you could be playing real checkers instead of the awful in this compilation.

Perhaps the most bizarre aspect of this entire thing is the fact that the game suffers from some horrendous technical issues. Slowdown, crashes and even the occasional laggy multiplayer session underlines why you shouldn’t come anywhere near this game.


9. Super Bomberman R

When announced as a launch title for Nintendo’s Switch, I was hugely excited to dive back into the Bomberman franchise.

I mean, why wouldn’t I be excited? It’s Bomberman, one of my favorite franchises. How could anyone mess that up? Well, my dear friend, Bomberman R came along to prove me wrong.

The single player mode is lacking, while the amount of content in the multiplayer segments leaves something to be desired.

The graphics aren’t anything to write home about either, with a lovely sideorder of visual glitches ruining the game’s launch. Perhaps most shocking of all, the games online mode was rendered entirely unplayable post-launch thanks to the devs rushing to get the game out for launch. Patches have smoothed this out, but the experience to this day just isn’t what I expected from a Bomberman game

The game generally feels rushed, incomplete and not worthy of the high price tag. Sorry Bomberman, this was a bad outing and a bad way to start off the Switch’s lifespan.


8. Flip Wars

If you’ve ever played Mario Party, you might recognize the concept for this game. If you’re hoping it has the chops to take on Nintendo’s finest then you may find yourself disappointed.

The game leans so heavily on the multiplayer concept that it awkwardly leaves the rest of the game lacking. There’s barely a single player mode to speak of and what is there is tediously unfun.

The lack of content, modes or additional things to do across the board leaves Flip Wars with nothing but laughable holes in its wafer-thin roster of options. Even when playing with friends, the game gets insanely repetitive; failing to sell itself as anything more than a mini-game.

Maybe if there was more on offer here it would be easier to recommend – but this game isn’t worth the investment.


7. Cars 3 Driven to Win

I bet you forgot Cars 3 even came out on Nintendo Switch, didn’t you?

In trying to compete against Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Cars 3 Driven to Win feels like a limited pretender – with no new ideas or gameplay to offer up an exciting alternative.

The only decent thing it tries is the inclusion of in-game shortcuts – something that arguably makes certain levels unplayable competitively as it completely throws out the balance of the maps. It’s so easy to cheese your way to victory in some courses that you’ll be actively screaming if they come up.

As for the core mechanics, there’s an awkward stiffness to the cars that makes riding for long periods feel awkwardly unresponsive. It’s not even that exciting to drift around corners and take on opponents, as the AI moves with the kind of rigor you’d see from shopping trolleys outside your local Tesco.

Add in the fact that there’s a severe lack of content – paling awkwardly in comparison to the sheer wealth of games offered up by Nintendo’s Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and you’ve got a game that misses the mark.

If you’re not taking the hint from this entry – just pick up Mario Kart.


6. Shephy

It’s surprising how many major publishers have been diving into the online card game arena. With the likes of Blizzard leading the charge, it was inevitable that low-end end efforts would wash up on Nintendo Switch.

Shephy proves that looking good isn’t enough.

The game looks amazing with its hand-drawn card art and scribble style, but everything else works to the detriment of the game.

The randomness of each game hurts the learning curve while the game’s music as generic as you possibly imagine. The worst part is that it never really changes any of this up – reminding me of old Windows 95 games you’d get in magazines.

It just doesn’t feel like a proper game – lacking any real excitement or reason to stick around. There’s no novelty here to keep you engaged and there’s no appeal to warrant paying anything for this snoozefest. Some of the games on this list are bad. This one is just utterly dull.


5. Has Been Heroes

Has Been Heroes sounds like a great premise on paper. The tale of a group of forgotten heroes banding together and embarking on one final quest for glory should make for an excellent RPG and has all the trappings of something classic.

Sadly that potential is never realized, as the game falls over at the first hurdle.

Thanks to some of the worst UI design I’ve seen in any Nintendo Switch game, you’ll constantly miss out on key information. This information will lead to uncomfortable moments of difficulty, as you struggle through the games sharp difficulty spikes and lackluster controls.

The graphics are also worth discussing, as it looks like something you’d see from a flash game from the mid-2000’s. There’s a certain charm to the whole thing but because of the poor way the game displays key information, you’ll be pulling your hair out long before you can get excited. It’s not visually striking over long play sessions and quickly had me rushing to turn the game off.

I’d love to say that Has Been Heroes is worth even the slightest of glances but the reality is something else entirely. A hero this isn’t.


4. Dark Witch Music Episode: Rudymical

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not clued up on the Dark Witch series of games. Despite this, the franchise has managed to amass quite the following among audiences on the internet.

I suspect that the franchise didn’t achieve that success shoveling mini-games in overpriced packages.

The gameplay on show here is just awful, there’s no way around it. With one of the worst compilations of minigames in any game I can remember, you’ll be quickly shrieking in horror as the poorly thought out collection of games does anything but entertain.

Honestly, it’s a complete waste of time for gamers – even fans of the Dark Witch franchise. This game should never have been released on to the Nintendo Switch and certainly doesn’t warrant the price tag.


3. New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers

There will always be a market for city building games – no matter how hard EA insist otherwise.

With games like this though, it’s no wonder the genre struggles for acceptance.

Frontier Days puts you in control of a group of frontier settlers. You’re tasked with building their village and generally helping them to grow. It sounds interesting but really isn’t. The game looks like something you’d play for 5 minutes on Facebook – the animations laughably limited for a console game.

Add in the fact that there’s next to no content to keep you here longer than an hour, as well as no challenges to make you rethink your approach. Every playthrough is the same – because the game has no variety.

It’s a lazy cash grab that exists solely to tempt in potential Sim fans – delivering a terribly executed experience that doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. Don’t support this rubbish, there are better Nintendo Switch games that you sink many hours into that won’t make you feel like you’re playing a crappy Facebook game.


2. Vaccine

Gamers love Resident Evil’s modern-day scares, but there’s still a yearning for the more classic Resi experience.

Vaccine arrived on the Nintendo eShop with the intention of delivering that – retro graphics and all. The only scary thing here though is just how awful this game is.

Levels are generated on the fly – meaning it’s pretty much left to chance what kind of experience you’ll be getting. Most of these levels just end up as sprawling labyrinths, with no rhyme or reason for their existence.

Worse still, the game doesn’t even try to improve on the original Resident Evil experience – lacking features like a crafting system or anything that could make gameplay more enjoyable.

If you’re waiting for a proper Resident Evil experience on Nintendo Switch, do yourself a favor and don’t invest in this car crash of a game. One of the Nintendo Switch games with the best potential, but the absolute worst execution.


1. Vroom in the Night Sky

If you’re wondering what really bad Nintendo Switch games look like, look no further than Vroom in the Night Sky.

Vroom in the Night Sky charges you with collecting stars in an open world environment. As you progress through the levels, you can buy faster vehicles. You’ll be needing these as the starting vehicle is insanely awful, making you wish you could get off the bike and just walk instead.

In this games defense, it’s a cheap as chips download title on the eShop – costing around £8. That being said – the game has all manner of glitches and issues within itself.  You’ll regularly pass through solid objects, crash into scenery and generally just wish you playing something. 

Perhaps the worst thing about this game though is the control layout – which is the most maddening thing I’ve seen on the Nintendo Switch. You’ll be battling against inconsistent turn angles and some of the most bewildering input lag this side of a Joycon.

There is no reason in the slightest to pick this game up. It’s a stunningly poor offering designed to cash in on gullible gamers. Your Nintendo Switch deserves better than this.