It’s been a long time coming but here we are, at last, the new home of Screen Critics.

Welcome to the next step in our evolution.


New Directions

The aim with Screen Critics has always been to deliver the most honest and thorough critique possible. This will be at the core of the new website.

I’ll be focussing on topics that I think you will be interested in reading about. This will include;

  • Video Essays
  • Documentary series
  • Deep Analytical articles

In order to hit this high bar of quality, I won’t be posting every day. Screen Critics be focussing on the stuff we find interesting, hopefully bringing you interesting and fun content. In the past, I tried to keep a daily schedule which ultimately brought the quality of the content down.

To achieve this the website will also be stepping back from news coverage – the reality is that there are many other websites that can deliver that in a more efficient manner.


What will we be covering?

As Screen Critics always has, we’ll continue covering everything entertainment, video games, and wrestling.

Once we get adapted to our new surroundings, we’ll be expanding the range of content we offer to include other forms of media.

If you want to keep up to date with all the latest offerings from Screen Critics, check out our various social media channels.


Can I get Involved?

While I appreciate offers from others to contribute to the website, for now, I’ll be keeping it to a select few writers. This doesn’t mean Screen Critics won’t invite others to write on our platform at some stage. I’d like to be able to offer the correct incentive to do so.

Right now, I want to focus on getting us to the place I want the website to be at.